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I’m NOT patient! I want my photos now! He told me I would be able to view them by Tuesday,Wednesday at the latest. Now he tells me I have to wait  till next week!!!I want those photos! I need those photos! I can’t update anything till I have those photos! There is truth in the old adage – IF YOU WANT SOMETHING DONE (RIGHT) DO IT YOURSELF.


Today I spent quite a while going through my stash, deciding which pieces will work with what I want to sew. Then I had to match the pieces up with patterns. I found pieces of fabric and patterns I had forgotten I had! First up was a piece of beige linen.

Now, it has been a really long time since I have made any pants. I mean a really really long time! I knew I wanted to add front pockets. I also wanted to lower the waist just a bit. I underestimated the width of the legs. They are very wide! I also should have made one size smaller, but they will be very comfortable if nothing else! They went together pretty quickly, considering how long it has been since I sewed pants, or really anything other than formal wear. It was a little strange to work with a corser fabric.

Tomorrow I will make the white lace top. I got it cut out today, but supper time was calling so I left the sewing for tomorrow. Shouldn’t take any time at all. The fabric is actually strips of lace and eyelet as well as simple batiste all sewn together. Very pretty. I think I found it at a walmart years and years ago! It’s been hanging out with the rest of my stash waiting for the right pattern and right opportunity to become something wonderful! It will become the orange gathered neck top on the pattern envelope.

Next up . . . hhmmm . . . not sure yet. A few ideas, they each need a bit of tweeking.  Also depends how much time I can squeeze out. A couple dresses and another top. I really want to do the vintage items.  All of these items will be part of my “Roatan Wardrobe”! Getting excited for this trip! Ordered myself a new swim suit today, also. Will have to be pretty faithful to the gym for the next few weeks. Anyway, I need to decide which project will be after the white lace top.  Here are my choices:

The leopard print vintage blouse:The abstrct chiffon sundress with contrast sash:

                       The vintage print sundress:



Or the pink butterfly chiffon sundress (which will be a mix of atleast 2 patterns to get the look I want):


Hhhmmmm . . . . . . . . .

I’ve been sewing non-stop for months now for everybody else. Bridal gowns and bridesmaids and Mother of the brides and formals and even mens golf shirts. I’m all caught up til next week. So tomorrow it’s all about me. I have so many garments I want to sew for  myself! One of which is a gorgeous vintage jacket. But – alas; in 3 1/2 weeks I will be laying on the warm beaches of Roatan, Hondurus, and I must have some warm weather itmes. I will have to go through my stash to see what is available. I have patterns aplenty, but if I  know me ( and I think I do) which ever pattern I choose will have to be tweeked. I can’t seem to leave anything alone. I saw some beautiful yellow print silk @ Gorgeous Fabrics last night. But I would have to wait, and I can’t do that! Must sew now! I know I have some beige linen that would make some great beach pants. And I have a piece of pink and white print chiffon that would make a lovely dress. We will see . .  .

I tried to start a blog on another site. But no matter what I tried, I couldn’t find myself. It’s a very sad thing to not be able to find yourself, especially when you KNOW you are there .. . or here . . . whatever. So, to eliminate the confusion ( atleast on my part), I eliminated the blog! So here I am trying and hoping that this one will prove that I do exist after all.

In this blog you will see that I have a passion for sewing. For fine fabrics, design, creating and making my clients (most of which are brides) feel unique and special in their gowns. Most of my work is alterations, but my real love is in the design and creation. 

Most recently (this weekend as a matter of fact) I ‘directed and produced’ my first bridal fashion show! It was in conjunction with the Bridal Show put on by Southern Charm Wedding and Event Professionals, in Peachtree City,GA. We featured gowns from a local bridal boutique, Etain’s (whom I do all the alterations for), and some of my own designs. We also featured bridesmaid and Mother of the bride dresses from a shop in Fayetteville, Ga, ‘Once In A Lifetime Events’. I had some lovely models who showcased the dresses beautifully. I’ve had very positive feedback so far, so I feel good about how it all went together. I plan to post pictures as soon as I get them back from the photographer.

So – Here I am – and I hope you enjoy hearing about my adventures in sewing. I know that not everybody likes to hear me go on and on about my sewing escapades (and believe me – I would love to go on and on – if only somebody would listen!), but unless you also have a passion for sewing, chances are you won’t be all that interested. Hope to hear from you (who ever you are!)!!!

I have tried and failed – numerous times, to find my blog on the web. I don’t exist. How will anybody ever find me if I don’t exist? Very disheartening. Do I stop blogging? Give up? Or is it simply not important. Maybe it’s just for therapuetic purposes that I am here. I just don’t understand all this computer stuff. URL’s and  HTML’s, FTP’s and servers and hosts and tags and badges . . . it’s all too much. Can’t handle it today . . .

I woke up this morning to a terrible headache (courtesy of the single glass of champaign
I indulged in last night). Dragging all the way, I finally made it to the Dolci hotel/convention center. The girls (my wonderful models) met me there, and we got unloaded and set up. I was starting to get a bit nervous, but with so much to do before show time, I didn’t let myself think too much! We organized and catalouged all the dresses in the order in which they would be worn; I got my booth set up, the girls all practiced the ‘walk’, sent the girls out to get some lunch, steamed most of the dresses, prepped the DJ and the photographer, and waited for the doors to open. The rain started just before the show – but inspite of the now expected nasty weather at every show I do, turnout wasn’t too bad. Met some old clients, met some new clients. There seemed to be a more sincere interest in what I do – perhaps because I spoke with more mothers of the brides this time! I even met another seamstress! She is a baby beginner, but it was gratifying to know that perhaps I’m not part of a dying breed, after all.  By ‘showtime’, I was pumped and ready. My girls all worked so hard today. They did an awesome job up on stage – strutting their stuff, showing off the dresses. They worked the runway, and people took notice of the dresses. Seeing how a dress moves does so much more in ‘selling’ a dress! I am anxiously awaiting photos from the photogragher! Will post them as soon as I get them!
Bottom line – the show seemed to be a success. I am very pleased with how everything went, and am now ready to do NOTHING!! tomorrow!

Yes, I feel extremely sleep deprived in these last few weeks, but I feel that my nerves have been honed to be able to with stand all that will be expected of me tomorrow. For tomorrow is,after all, the fashion show in which my sample dresses (as wellas quite a few of Etaines) will be on stage for all to see. Thwe fashion show I have been working so hard to get ready for .Nervous and excited at the same time. Scared to death that nobody will like my designs; scared to death that I will fumble on the stand; excited that this could maybe(PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!) be a defining moment for me and my business. We will see. Hoping and praying that I will perform with poise, elegance, sophistication, and knowledge. Praying that all my ‘girls’ will do and present well in the dresses we haven chosen for each of them. Praying that the perfect photos are taken that I can use to their best advantage in any advertising i do with them in the future. Praying, praying, praying . . .

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