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My new beginning

Posted on: January 8, 2010

Well, after much procrastination, and actually finding an evening to sit down and figure it all out – here I am. The main reason for my new blog, I suppose, is that I can rant on and on about my passion and not annoy anybody! After all, not everybody shares my passion, and I do understand this. My passion you ask? Oh, it’s not really so simple . . . It’s more than one passion, but they really all merge together. It’s fabrics, like silks, laces, tafettas, satins, chiffons, brocades, it’s sparkling beadwork intricately worked into a delicate embroidered pattern; it’s trims and buttons and all the beautiful parts of a well made garment. It’s working to create a couture quality garment that I can be proud of. It’s discovering new patterns or creating a new design that I just can’t wait to start on. Do you ever just wake up in the middle of the night with the spark of an idea just whirling around in your head and you can’t possibly get back to sleep because you just want to get up and get started on it? Well, that’s me. Most nights. I don’t sleep much anymore . . .
So here I am. If you are out there and happen upon me, WELCOME! I appreciate your company, and if you get tired of my passion posting, well, you can always come back later!


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