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Bridal Show Planning

Posted on: January 11, 2010

My next bridal show is now less than 2 weeks away. I have decided I really need to make a couple more dresses to present in the fashion show. Both my lovely daughters will be modeling for me in it, and though I have 2 dresses for one of them to wear, I have none for my youngest. So, I am going to start tomorrow on a dress perfectly suited to her creative personality. It is a fited, mermaid style. I will change the back a bit to give it more character in keeping with her personality. But the true attitude of both her and the dress will be in the feathers I attach to the neckline. Not too much – just enough to grab your attention. Hopefully I will have time to do anotehr one next week. Still working on the details for that one. Tomorrow I will go to Gails Fabrics (Atlanta) to pick out the fabric for this one. I will know it when I see it. But I’m thinking a soft lightweight crepe, or maybe even a silk charmuese. What do you think? Maybe a very simple bordered lace. Something that won’t clash with the feathers!!!

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