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Feeling Like Crunch Time

Posted on: January 15, 2010

It took me almost 20 hours, but I finally got the whole dress cut out. The first peice of the ‘feather fantasy lace’ took 3 hours to cut out, piece at the curve, and fine tune. But after that, the rest of the lace went fairly quickly. The underlining went pretty quickly, as did the lining. What took forever and a day was the silk crepe. Each piece had to be layed out and cut individually. My cutting table ( a.k.a. dining room table) just isn’t big enough! I ended up cutting an extra pattern for each piece needed. But I could only lay out 2 pieces at a time, then had to carefully roll it up and pull the length of the fabric down and do it all over again. I was almost finished with this tedious task when I realized the layout pattern I was doing was not going to leave enough fabric for the whole dress. Not good. So  I removed it all and started over. About half way through the second atempt, my furry assistant decided I needed help. She keeps track of my tape measure for me. I ended up banning her to her room for removing pins that didn’t need removing, and trying to rearrange all my hard work. Things went a little smoother after that. When all was said and done,though, the whole process truly did take almost 20 hours. Then came the task of sewing the underlining to the silk crepe. Which didn’t take near as long as all the pinning involved. Now, I know that there are sewers who preach about not using pins. But when you have 2 fabrics that really want to slide away from eachother rather than be joined, plus the length I was wrestling with, well, sorry, but I found pins to be a life saver! Today was the first day of construction. I started with the bodice back and front.

Because I changed the back of the bodice, I had to re-figure the construction details. I’m not completely happy with the way the back falls, but I have a couple ideas in mind. I think after I get the skirt attached, it will pull the fabric down – give it some weight. I think I will attach a bit of the feather adornment, also. Just a bit. I’m not sure if the adornment on the front of the bodice is too much? Tomorrow I will finish up the bodice/waist bands, and the skirt. Don’t know if I will get it finished, but hopefully close enough for my lovely model to do a fitting. I really hope it fits well, because this dress will be a total pain to alter!

My models are coming down on Monday morning to do dress fittings for the bridal fashion show next week. I want to have this dress ready for a fitting, also. And maybe (hopefully!) the bodice for the ballerina chiffon I plan to do. I expect it will be a long weekend.


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