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The Bridal Fashion Show

Posted on: January 24, 2010

I woke up this morning to a terrible headache (courtesy of the single glass of champaign
I indulged in last night). Dragging all the way, I finally made it to the Dolci hotel/convention center. The girls (my wonderful models) met me there, and we got unloaded and set up. I was starting to get a bit nervous, but with so much to do before show time, I didn’t let myself think too much! We organized and catalouged all the dresses in the order in which they would be worn; I got my booth set up, the girls all practiced the ‘walk’, sent the girls out to get some lunch, steamed most of the dresses, prepped the DJ and the photographer, and waited for the doors to open. The rain started just before the show – but inspite of the now expected nasty weather at every show I do, turnout wasn’t too bad. Met some old clients, met some new clients. There seemed to be a more sincere interest in what I do – perhaps because I spoke with more mothers of the brides this time! I even met another seamstress! She is a baby beginner, but it was gratifying to know that perhaps I’m not part of a dying breed, after all.  By ‘showtime’, I was pumped and ready. My girls all worked so hard today. They did an awesome job up on stage – strutting their stuff, showing off the dresses. They worked the runway, and people took notice of the dresses. Seeing how a dress moves does so much more in ‘selling’ a dress! I am anxiously awaiting photos from the photogragher! Will post them as soon as I get them!
Bottom line – the show seemed to be a success. I am very pleased with how everything went, and am now ready to do NOTHING!! tomorrow!


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