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I Am Here!

Posted on: January 26, 2010

I tried to start a blog on another site. But no matter what I tried, I couldn’t find myself. It’s a very sad thing to not be able to find yourself, especially when you KNOW you are there .. . or here . . . whatever. So, to eliminate the confusion ( atleast on my part), I eliminated the blog! So here I am trying and hoping that this one will prove that I do exist after all.

In this blog you will see that I have a passion for sewing. For fine fabrics, design, creating and making my clients (most of which are brides) feel unique and special in their gowns. Most of my work is alterations, but my real love is in the design and creation. 

Most recently (this weekend as a matter of fact) I ‘directed and produced’ my first bridal fashion show! It was in conjunction with the Bridal Show put on by Southern Charm Wedding and Event Professionals, in Peachtree City,GA. We featured gowns from a local bridal boutique, Etain’s (whom I do all the alterations for), and some of my own designs. We also featured bridesmaid and Mother of the bride dresses from a shop in Fayetteville, Ga, ‘Once In A Lifetime Events’. I had some lovely models who showcased the dresses beautifully. I’ve had very positive feedback so far, so I feel good about how it all went together. I plan to post pictures as soon as I get them back from the photographer.

So – Here I am – and I hope you enjoy hearing about my adventures in sewing. I know that not everybody likes to hear me go on and on about my sewing escapades (and believe me – I would love to go on and on – if only somebody would listen!), but unless you also have a passion for sewing, chances are you won’t be all that interested. Hope to hear from you (who ever you are!)!!!


2 Responses to "I Am Here!"

I wanted to stop by your blog and thank you for the wonderful advice you’ve given me with regards to sewing bridesmaid dresses. I especially appreciate the tips about pricing because that was my biggest concern for myself in this endeavor not ever having done anything quite like this before. I look forward to reading more here as I DO have a passion for sewing and am always looking to read about what others are making.

Happy to help! Thanks for reading my blog! I am new to this an d not treal sure how to go about getting it out there for people to see; so it’s nice to already have atleast one reader!!

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