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Fashion Show Photo’s- 6th try!!!!

Posted on: February 9, 2010

Let’s try this yet again. Yes – it’s my 6th try. I spent about 5 hours the other night trying to get my photos uploaded neatly on here. Had multiple problems. I don’t know if it’s me or the site. They just don’t want to load on here nicely. They end up all over the page in all different sizes.

Anyway- finally got the photos on Saturday. Not as happy with them as I had hoped to be. Can only use about half. The one dress I specifically asked multiple pictures of – I got one. From the back. They will have to do for now. Until I can afford to actaully pay someone to do it. I guess you get what you pay for, huh? Ok- so here goes (again!).

Jasmine Couture from Etaine Bridal


This is a Jasmine Couture Dress from Etaine Bridal in Tyrone, GA. It is an organza gown with pleating and beading at the bodice.

"Blossom" full length


This is one of my gowns;  I call it “Blossom” for the hand appliqued and beaded silk flower blossoms that circle the hemline, and gently frame the waistline and bodice.

My "Blossom" gown


Here is another, closer view of “Blossom”. You an see the detail a bit easier here.

My "White Tea Rose" dress


This is another of my dresses – “White Tea Rose”. It is a tea length chiffon dress with a lace inset waist, and finished with a black satin ribbon at thewaist. It has a full attached crinoline.

Matthew Christopher's "Lily"


Matthew Christopher is one of my favorite designers. His “Lily” has intricate lines to contour the curves a womans body. Just gorgeous! Available at Etaine Bridal.

Disney Princess gown from Etaines Bridal


A full ballgown – princess style! From Kirstie Kelly’s Disney Princess Line. Available at Etaine Bridal.

A lovely Justin Alexander tea length gown. Heavily beaded bodice, very full crinoline under an organza skirt. Very Audrey Hepburn style! From Etaine Bridal.

A lovely lace gown by Cymbeline, from Etaines Bridal


This beautiful gown from Cymbeline, is actually 2-pieces! It has a ‘slip’ under-dress, and the lace over-dress. Very feminine and delicate. From Etaine Bridal.

"Blush" a beaded lace and pink silk gown


I named this gown “Blush” for the unique color of teh silk and lace. Not quite pink, but definetely not ivory! The lace bodice is beaded with ivory pearling, and the left shoulder strap is an embroidered and beaded trim that seperates into 2 straps that divide across the back.

We called this the "Cupcake" dress; from Etaines Bridal


LOVE this fun dress! An alternative to the traditional wedding gown. A Justin Alexander from Etaine Bridal.

Classic Ivory Rose


In the forefront is my “Classic Ivory Rose”, shown here with a black sash. It also can be made with an ivory Organza sash, silk doupioni sash (color of choice) or an oversize silk tafetta sash.

In the background, is a lovely Renella gown of silk charmuese; from Etaine Bridal.

My beautiful flowergirls!


 These are our two lovely and sweet flower girls! Aren’t they adorable!

Feather Fantasy


And Finally!! Here is my “Feather Fantasy”. Just the back, so I will also post some of the photos of it I took in my sewing studio. I love this dress!!!

Here is a full front view. Sorry it’s a bit blurry. The other photos are better!

Anotherview of the back. Again – sorry for the blur!

This is a pretty good view of the front bodice. Don’t you love the line details!!

The back again – a little less blurry!

So – that’s my show! There were lots more dresses (32 in all), but, as I said earlier, these were the only ones worth using.  Hope you enjoyed the show!

OK – I just ‘previwed’ this post. The wording  and photos have become un-aligned (again), but it’s better than it was and I truelly dont know how to fix it. It looks fine when I type and insert on the edit page. When it goes to publish everything goes all caddywampus. I give up! Hopefully you can make distinctions between the photos with the descriptions I wrote. Good luck!


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Thanks for the comment!
Do you have any advice for sewing formal dresses? I am going to be tackling my first one for a girl I know for prom… we are going to start next week! I have never sewn anything that “serious” before. We are going to follow a simplicity pattern. =]

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