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Green silk dress, wrap, shoes and clutch

Recently, a client asked me to make this green silk vest as well as a green silk ascot and a green silk handkerchief to match a green silk dress that has a matching green clutch adorned with green silk flowers (I was asked to make) and green shoes, also adorned with green silk flowers I made.  Oh, and there is also a green silk wrap. Is it my imagination, or is it just too much . . . . green?

Green silk vest, ascot and handkerchief


 The dress is lovely, the shoes and clutch turned out beautifully, the wrap is an elegant touch to the outfit. The vest and ascot are well made (if I do say so myself!).  And maybe it’s just because green is not one of my favrorite colors. But it just seems like a bit much. Opinions?


You’ve heard of bridezilla, right? The bride that can’t be pleased? That nothing you do will please her. It doesn’t matter how you bend over backwards or how many hours you spend working on something for her, changing it again and yet again. You can’t please her. Well,in the years that I have been working with brides, I have rarely had a bridezilla. On the other hand, just mention the momzilla and I can regale you with stories! It’s usually the overbearing mother who wants to control everything about her daughter’s wedding. She is the one who won’t be pleased or happy with anything. Even when the daughter (bride) wants to leave well enough alone. Even when the bride is perfectly happy. The mom has to find something wrong, something to complain about. Whether it’s the cake, the guest list, the arrangement of the flowers, the cut of the neckline on the dress, or God-forbid! the cost of altertions!

Just for informational purposes, I have had very few of these momzillas. Maybe 2 or 3. Unfortunately, I currently have 2 of them back to back. I have to feel badly for the brides. I feel their embarressment when mom starts in. They are the ones who try to be the peacemakers. They try to console and act as devils advocate. Usually to no avail. So, I try  to remember, that ultimately, my job is to please the bride. Yes, mom may be paying for it. But it’s not her wedding; it’s the brides. So when mom says the dress needs to be tighter here, or higher at the neck here, or let out here, or longer/shorter, higher/lower  bustles, or whatever! I turn and ask the bride what her preferance is. That usually silences momzilla. Atleast in front of me.

So, the next 2 days when I am meeting with these sweet lovely brides who were unfortunate enough to be born to overbearing power hungry mothers who apparently beleive that they must be in attendance for every fitting we do, well, I guess I will just pray for patience. And the will to not do what I really want to do. Hit them upside the head and tell them to shut up and let the bride tell me what SHE thinks; after all, it’s her wedding, not yours. Momzilla.

My sewing marathon continues. It’s been atleast a dress a day now for about a week and a half. Some times 2 a day if I’m lucky. Wake up at 7:00 a.m., eat a yogurt, check my e-mails, get dresses & make the bed. Feed the dogs & cat. Then it’s upstairs. I have had several days where I had to run to Etains for appointments, and that really cuts into my sewing hours! Had to run to Joannes for supplies on Thursday. But I am still managing to get about 10 hours of sewing in a day. I stay in the sewing room til it’s time to come down and get something thrown out for supper.  Then I do my hand sewing downstairs while watching TV. By this time of day the dogs are very lonely for my presence, and my husband is usually home in the evenings, also. By about 10-11 p.m, i start seeing cross-eyed and I know it’s time to quit. But each night it’s getting harder and harder to sleep! I find myself tossing and turning, thinking of my to do list of alterations,as well as a couple of construction projects I have coming up. Then my head opens up and I start designing gowns in my head. And then EmmaGrace comes and curls up around my head and starts purring in my ear. Or my husband starts to snore. I should probably just get up at this point and go upstairs and get to work, but it’s so nice to lay in a warm bed and relax, even if I don’t sleep. So, tomorrow I have several appointments in the morning and several more in the afternoon, so I probably won’t get a lot of sewing done. I will have to make up for it on Sunday.  Sorry this has been such  a boring blog. My life this month – well, it is what it is!


 My husband is a pilot. He flys his bright red Christen Eagle, along with his partner, in airshows around the nation. 

Last week he was in Florida for the first big show of the season, Sun-n-Fun.  He had gone down last Wednesday, and really, by Sunday he was anxious to be home again. He and his partner flew their routine mid afternoon, and were hoping to be able to refuel and head for home as soon as possible after they finished. But, he had some trouble with the canopy on his plane, and even broke his finger trying to fix it! He knew at this point he wouldn’t get out before the ThunderBirds flew, and that would set the departure time back quite a bit for him. So, with his broken finger throbbing, the canopy giving him trouble, and not being able to get out of there on his own timetable, he went stomping off to the VIP tent to find some ice for his finger. As he walked by all the spectators lined up against the front line fence, he saw a little girl wave him over. Never one to ignore his fans, he walked over to her. She pointed to the US Army pin he had on his hat, and asked him, “Are you a soldier?” He told her that, no, he is not a soldier, but his son, Derek, is, and that Derek will be leaving for Afghanistan in the fall.  She held out her small hand and gave him a shiny gold coin. She asked him to please give it to Derek and to tell him that someone he doesn’t know loves him and is praying for him to be safe. The gold coin had a stick drawing on one side of a little girl holding a flag, with her name and the words, ‘I Salute You’ on one side. On the other side, the words, ‘Thankyou for being my soldier’. The little girl reached out to shake his hand, then stood back and saluted him.  As he continued on his way to the VIP tent, he struggled to hold back the tears. And when he got there, he found a quiet corner where he didn’t hold them back. One small child had helped him to prioritize his life, and remember what is really important.  Our government may be screwed up, our education system may be in need of a make-over, and in this great country we live in, we have our share of overwhelming problems that may or may not get solved in our lifetimes. But as long as we have children who care,as this little girl does, and soldiers who are willing to die for us and our freedoms, we will be ok. Because America isn’t about the government. It isn’t about the technologies or the organizations that make us up. When you get right down to it, it is about the people.  I pray that we will all raise our children to be as caring as this little girl.




It has been a crazy busy week, with more to come just like it! The bathroom that I use for storage of gowns and dresses to be worked on, is stuffed full, even though I am moving them to the spare bedroom as I finish themand they await pick-up. I have the dress bags hanging from my dress rack (yes, it’s in the shower), from doorways, and even windows in another room. I am currently starting and finishing a  dress a day just to keep up. I have an unbelievable number of last minute brides this year! Brides – WHY DO YOU WAIT TILL 1 WEEK BEFORE THE WEDDING BEFORE GETTING YOUR ALTERATIONS SCHEDULED????? However, the good news is that – somehow, and unbelievably – I seem to be gaining. Just a bit, but enough that today I was able to take time to get groceries!! First time in over a week! I also took time to wash the pollen off my car (finally), run a dust cloth over the pollen accumulating on my furniture, catch up on e-mails, and bake a batch of cookies. Well, they came from refridgeted dough. Does that count? And my naughty dog ate half of them.

Body bags in the shower.Body bags hanging from the window sil.Hanging from the door ledge.

Lying in wait in the spare bedroom.

 I also finished a dress order from my store at Etsy, and got it sent off.


Front of Melanie's Ivory Beaded Chiffon Dress

Back of Melanie's Ivory Beaded Chiffon Dress

Funny story – in washing my car today – keep in mind I have a mustang convertible. I was cleaning the inside ( where thepollen had also accumulated) and ran in the house to grab a trash bag. I had left the doors open on the car, and when I came back out, I had 1 german shepard in the back seat, laying down, one very big german shepard trying to sit in the front passenger seat, and my lazy assistant, EmmaGrace (cute cat) sitting in the drivers seat! They all just looked at me,as if to say, ” We are ready, where have you been? Lets go!” Where is the camera when you really need it?

I also took the time to get registered for the upcoming ASG conference, scheduled to be here in Atlanta in August. I’ve never been to this one befor, but after inquiries made on PR, I decided to take the plunge. Signed up for classes every day. I was so disappointed in the Sewing Expo this year, I was ready to just toss the registration info on this one. Hope I am not disappointed.

So, as you can see, I don’t sleep much these days. As they say though, I can sleep when I’m dead!


It has been a long cold dreary winter here in Georgia, as it has been in most of the USA this year. I have felt that it would never end. We would get a tease of warmer weather, then BAM! the cold came right back. And not only cold, but rain, and rain, and more rain. But, finally, last week, it was warm outside for more than 2 days in a row – with no rain! Even though I had dresses stacking up faster than I can work on them, I had to get outside. I dug out a pair of my husbands old jeans, and an old t – shirt, grabbed a clippers, rake and the wheelbarrow, and went to work. By the end of the day, I had some flowers brightening my back yard, flowers in my ‘welcome’ barrel, and ferns gracing my front deck.

Lavendar lantina in my wrought iron chicken

Geraniums potted on my back deck


Petunia's in a long flower box


A pretty mix in my "welcome' barrel


The next day it was back to the sewing room. Easter Sunday came and went, and this week the pollen arrived. For anyone who has never experienced spring in Georgia, let me tell you about the pollen. You will wake up one morning, noticing a slight greenish/yellow tinge to everything. And I do mean everything. From the moment you open your eyes and notice a strange discolored light coming in your windows, to the light to heavy dusting of the same greenish/yellow powder covering every single surface in your home, to the roads, sidewalks, cars, EVERYTHING!!!! If you don’t keep your car in a garage, you will have to hose it down before attempting to open the  car door. Now you will have a green water puddle running down your driveway, to mix with the green in the road. As you drive down the roads, you will see a strange greenish blurriness in the trees, and even drifting in the sky; clouds of this strange powder seem to just hang in the sky, or drift along on a breeze until  by some whim of nature  they fall to the ground. You may think your contacts are dirty, but no, it’s the  dreaded green haze. No, your windows are not dirty, either. It’s the dreaded green haze. When you arrive back home, you will inevitably find that your floors are covered in it. You will vacuum, dust, clean,  and scrub. But by the time you finish, you will have to start all over again. I will tell you now, and you must believe me – you cannot win. Just sit back, try to ignore it, try to get on with your life, try to breathe (you may want to get a gas mask to wear for the next few weeks), and tell yourself it’s only a sign that spring has arrived. Spring has arrived, spring has arrived . . .

And then it freezes again.

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