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Too much green?

Posted on: April 30, 2010

Green silk dress, wrap, shoes and clutch

Recently, a client asked me to make this green silk vest as well as a green silk ascot and a green silk handkerchief to match a green silk dress that has a matching green clutch adorned with green silk flowers (I was asked to make) and green shoes, also adorned with green silk flowers I made.  Oh, and there is also a green silk wrap. Is it my imagination, or is it just too much . . . . green?

Green silk vest, ascot and handkerchief


 The dress is lovely, the shoes and clutch turned out beautifully, the wrap is an elegant touch to the outfit. The vest and ascot are well made (if I do say so myself!).  And maybe it’s just because green is not one of my favrorite colors. But it just seems like a bit much. Opinions?


2 Responses to "Too much green?"

Oh wowowowow that is a lot of green! I like green- it brings out the color in my eyes- but that may just be too much. I’d much rather have the dress in one color and maybe the vest with matching accents in another coordinating color.

That is exactly what I thought! I suggested even just a different fabric for the back of the vest, but she wanted everything in this green silk. But everything for this wedding is overdone. Her daughter, the bride is wearing a dress that is heavily embellished with beding, lots of ruffles, 2 veils, a tiara, long dangling earrings (thankfully no necklace) and a large cuffed/beaded bracelet. Just too much.

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