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The Lazy Assistant and her family

Posted on: June 25, 2010

Miss EmmaGrace finally had her kittens about a week ago. I would have posted about it sooner, but life got in the way. Then over the weekend I crashed. Physically, that is. Slept most of the weekend away, which is extremely out of character for me.

Anyway, EmmaGrace had 4 sweet babies, starting at 4 a.m. and finishing up about 6 a.m. All went well, and she is being a wonderful mommy.

Here they are at about 5 days – already starting to get round and fuzzy! Eyes still closed, still very wobbly and almost always asleep!

 The babies are 11 days old now, and they all have their eyes open, to different degrees. Ears are still folded over, but show signs of coming up!  Two of the kittens look like Emma, in that they are black with white markings. The other two are gray & black striped with small bits of white markings. Already they area growing round and fat. So soft and sweet. Initially she had them in her box, but within a few hours she had moved them under the bed. Not a big deal since she had them on a towel,  just under my side of the bed. But Sunday she decided to move them further under the bed to where I couldn’t reach them. Is it because she knows they are getting more mobile? Or is it because they have had 2 large furry visitors the last couple days? Our 2 big hairy noisy  german sheperds discovered the babies a few days after they were born; and though I tried to keep them out,  this morning I discovered they had found their way in and not only were they getting up close and personal with the kittens, but it seemed as though EmmaGrace was fine with it. Until she moved them.

11 days old

I was  finally able to get a hold of them and stuff blankets under the bed to keep her from moving them into the land of forgotten dustbunnies. They seem to grow every day, getting more alert, more playful, more awake! I love to touch theirn soft fur, but try to restrain myself, as I don’t know if I really should be touching them so much. But they seem to recognize my voice and try to crawl towards me when they hear me. Giving them up to new homes will not be easy. I am already in love.


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