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I keep hearing that song in my head,  ” I got my toes in the water, a** in the sand, not a worry in the world, a cold drink in my hand . . .”  Sewing my new clothes has got me thinking of my upcoming trip to Roatan – can’t wait!! We leave in about 17 days!

Spent most of the day working on pictures to download to the computer. Had them all done and finished and then pushed the wrong button and deleted everything!!! Had to start all over. Most of the pictures were of my new wedding gowns. My photogragher was supposed to have photos to me last week of the fashion show. Still don’t have them. Why am I not surprised? I need something to use for a new ad for one of the local magazines I advertise in.  ‘Fayette Woman’ always does a huge bridal issue in march, and they need my submissions this week. So I took things into my own hands and took my own pics. May not be as good as the professionals, but it’s better than nothing!

On the far left is my “Blossom” gown. It is an ivory satin, a-line strapless, with about 27 silk flowers hand appliqued and beaded in sporadic patterns around the hem, the waist, and across the bodice. I don’t know if the photo here will do it justice. In the middle is a tea length chiffon with a lace waist insert. Lots of tulle under this skirt. A simple black ribbon sash adds pizazze to the dress. And on the far right is my favorite!! It’s the Feather Fantasy dress! The feathers say it all! Crazy fun dress, with fanciful feathers done very tastefully.

The other pictures I did today were of my new clothes!

The silky print chiffon with a draped neckline- and a very sexy back!

          The silky beach sarong/dress –

The convertible dress that can be worn many different ways –

And my linen beach pants and lace blouse ( which must be worn with a cami or swim suit underneath!                                     

Tomorrow it’s back to the real work – 7 wedding dresses to fix before next Wednesday!! Mostly hems, and a couple take ins, some bustles, and a couple strap adjustments. nothing major, but I need to get busy!!

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So, I went over to my favorite fabric shop ( andI might mention – the ONLY fabric shop)in Atlanta today – Gail K Fabrics. I was looking for fabric for this dress for the bridal show. Had an idea of what I wanted, but really didn’t expect to find it. Figures I would go home with somethingI liked but wasn’t ecstatic about. I shopped around for about 20 minutes, looking at all the laces, ending up discardingall of them. Too expensive , to short in length, or just not quite what I was loking for. Then I saw it. It wasn’t in the lace area. It was in the remnant area. The tag said $70. I freaked. No way! There were 8 yards. Just enough. Exactly what I wanted! And I mean EXACTLY!!!! Had to have it. It is gorgeous. Got it home and started trying to figure out how I was going to lay it out on the curve of the train/hem. The first peice took 3 hours to figure out, butthe rest will go easy. Or atleast easier! This dress is goingto be amazing. I am not going to tell Brittany about it till she comes for a fitting. She will be blown away! I am so excited!

My next bridal show is now less than 2 weeks away. I have decided I really need to make a couple more dresses to present in the fashion show. Both my lovely daughters will be modeling for me in it, and though I have 2 dresses for one of them to wear, I have none for my youngest. So, I am going to start tomorrow on a dress perfectly suited to her creative personality. It is a fited, mermaid style. I will change the back a bit to give it more character in keeping with her personality. But the true attitude of both her and the dress will be in the feathers I attach to the neckline. Not too much – just enough to grab your attention. Hopefully I will have time to do anotehr one next week. Still working on the details for that one. Tomorrow I will go to Gails Fabrics (Atlanta) to pick out the fabric for this one. I will know it when I see it. But I’m thinking a soft lightweight crepe, or maybe even a silk charmuese. What do you think? Maybe a very simple bordered lace. Something that won’t clash with the feathers!!!

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