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I received the shock of my life this evening when my son walked in the front door! He has been attending college in Wyoming as well as drill weekends once a month up at Fort Billings (he is in the army reserves). Classes finished up this past friday, and he had drill over the weekend. I was under the understanding that he was moving in with friends for a couple of weeks till he had to leve for military training, in June. He and a friend took off yesterday afternoon and drove straight through. My husband and both my daughters were in on the surprise. The girls had met Derek about 1/2 mile down the road, where he left his truck , so I wouldn’t see him pull up. The dogs started barking like they do when someone is here, but I didn’t see a vehicle, so I figured it was the neighbors. Then I heard the door open and I heard Sheena’s voice (my oldest daughter), so I figured it was just her. Then Derek walks around the corner in a cowboy hat! It took me  few seconds to realize it was him , then I just kept hugging him, til eventually we both were crying. So for a few hours tonight I had all my babies home with me, til the girls had to head home again. Derek will stay for about 10 days until he has to leave for training for Afghanistan (which he leaves for in September). I will soak in every moment and cherish them while I can.


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