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You’ve heard of bridezilla, right? The bride that can’t be pleased? That nothing you do will please her. It doesn’t matter how you bend over backwards or how many hours you spend working on something for her, changing it again and yet again. You can’t please her. Well,in the years that I have been working with brides, I have rarely had a bridezilla. On the other hand, just mention the momzilla and I can regale you with stories! It’s usually the overbearing mother who wants to control everything about her daughter’s wedding. She is the one who won’t be pleased or happy with anything. Even when the daughter (bride) wants to leave well enough alone. Even when the bride is perfectly happy. The mom has to find something wrong, something to complain about. Whether it’s the cake, the guest list, the arrangement of the flowers, the cut of the neckline on the dress, or God-forbid! the cost of altertions!

Just for informational purposes, I have had very few of these momzillas. Maybe 2 or 3. Unfortunately, I currently have 2 of them back to back. I have to feel badly for the brides. I feel their embarressment when mom starts in. They are the ones who try to be the peacemakers. They try to console and act as devils advocate. Usually to no avail. So, I try  to remember, that ultimately, my job is to please the bride. Yes, mom may be paying for it. But it’s not her wedding; it’s the brides. So when mom says the dress needs to be tighter here, or higher at the neck here, or let out here, or longer/shorter, higher/lower  bustles, or whatever! I turn and ask the bride what her preferance is. That usually silences momzilla. Atleast in front of me.

So, the next 2 days when I am meeting with these sweet lovely brides who were unfortunate enough to be born to overbearing power hungry mothers who apparently beleive that they must be in attendance for every fitting we do, well, I guess I will just pray for patience. And the will to not do what I really want to do. Hit them upside the head and tell them to shut up and let the bride tell me what SHE thinks; after all, it’s her wedding, not yours. Momzilla.


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