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I believe I forgot to post my new dresses after I  made them a while back! I made them to bring with to Roatan – which I did; but everything was so casual down there that I didn’t have an opportunity to wear them! So here they hang in my closet, waiting, like Cinderella for a special date. I love both of them, but as exciting as my life isn’t, I may never have a place to wear them 😦 

First, the yellow sunshiny chiffon, lined with an ivory bemburg.  I used V8381, size 10. Fit’s perfectly, with no alterations. I added a rusched waist panel with some little chiffon flowerettes scattered on it.

The little flowerettes each have a line of beading on them, which you can kind of see . . .

Next is my favorite, the pink butterfly chiffon. I used V2965 and shortened the length to just above the knee; again size 10 (perfect fit!!)

I love the lines of this dress; which you can’t really see in the photo. But what I really love – is the back!I love open and or low backs on dresses. They can be sexy without being revealing. Now, I may not be able to wear a bra with this. But – I did put in bra inserts, so I don’t have to!

This dress is made of a butterfly print georgette fabric, lined with a light pink batiste. Very lightweight and summery.

This week I am getting caught up on bridal alterations, making a cropped bolero for a prom dress, and starting on one of the wedding dresses I sold on Etsy. Finally got the fabric for the wedding dress in (ivory chiffon and ivory bemburg lining), as well as a pile of patterns I ordered. I will have to post about my new patterns tomorrow. I don’t know when I will get a chance to sew them , but I have them -and that’s what counts right? Who ever dies with the most patterns – wins!


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