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It has been a crazy busy week, with more to come just like it! The bathroom that I use for storage of gowns and dresses to be worked on, is stuffed full, even though I am moving them to the spare bedroom as I finish themand they await pick-up. I have the dress bags hanging from my dress rack (yes, it’s in the shower), from doorways, and even windows in another room. I am currently starting and finishing a  dress a day just to keep up. I have an unbelievable number of last minute brides this year! Brides – WHY DO YOU WAIT TILL 1 WEEK BEFORE THE WEDDING BEFORE GETTING YOUR ALTERATIONS SCHEDULED????? However, the good news is that – somehow, and unbelievably – I seem to be gaining. Just a bit, but enough that today I was able to take time to get groceries!! First time in over a week! I also took time to wash the pollen off my car (finally), run a dust cloth over the pollen accumulating on my furniture, catch up on e-mails, and bake a batch of cookies. Well, they came from refridgeted dough. Does that count? And my naughty dog ate half of them.

Body bags in the shower.Body bags hanging from the window sil.Hanging from the door ledge.

Lying in wait in the spare bedroom.

 I also finished a dress order from my store at Etsy, and got it sent off.


Front of Melanie's Ivory Beaded Chiffon Dress

Back of Melanie's Ivory Beaded Chiffon Dress

Funny story – in washing my car today – keep in mind I have a mustang convertible. I was cleaning the inside ( where thepollen had also accumulated) and ran in the house to grab a trash bag. I had left the doors open on the car, and when I came back out, I had 1 german shepard in the back seat, laying down, one very big german shepard trying to sit in the front passenger seat, and my lazy assistant, EmmaGrace (cute cat) sitting in the drivers seat! They all just looked at me,as if to say, ” We are ready, where have you been? Lets go!” Where is the camera when you really need it?

I also took the time to get registered for the upcoming ASG conference, scheduled to be here in Atlanta in August. I’ve never been to this one befor, but after inquiries made on PR, I decided to take the plunge. Signed up for classes every day. I was so disappointed in the Sewing Expo this year, I was ready to just toss the registration info on this one. Hope I am not disappointed.

So, as you can see, I don’t sleep much these days. As they say though, I can sleep when I’m dead!



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