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First, thankyou to Selfish Seamstress for this pattern. I traced and cut it out of tracing fabric, then using the tracing fabric as a muslin, pinned it to myself to make necessary adjustments. With the origianl pattern being only a sz 32, I figured I would have to grade it up atleast a size or 2. Typically, I make a 10 to fit the bust, and between a 10 -12 for the hip area. I’m still not sure what went so horribly wrong. Everything about this dress was HUGE!!!! Not only was it atleast 2 sizes too big, but somehow, the fabric ( a textured black linen) either had a warped grain to it that I didn’t notice, or I really screwed up in my cutting. The front of the skirt – even though it looks straight and even, feels like it is twisting. And the side seams are twisted just very slightly. My husband said he couldn’t tell to look at it.  Anyway, I ended up taking it in an inch on each side of the skirt from the hips down; plus, because after taking it in at the sides it was still baggy through the front, I added 2 front/side seams to follow the princess lines of the bodice. Princess seams. AAARRGGGHHH!!! I have no problem doing them on others. But on myself? HA! Way too wide through the center front. Way too narrow at the side fronts. Back way too long. Gaping at the neck. Rolls of fabric at the back waist. Bust points all off! Why is it so easy to fit others and so difficult to fit myself? I ended up adding a back center seam (to narrow it up through the back), raising the waist (which was originally lower than the natural waist), adding the 2 front side seams, lowering the front neckline about 1/2 inch, and raising the hem about 3 inches. Oh, I also added a front – faux- self fabric belt with 2 black buttons that go perfectly with the fabric. What should have taken maybe 5 hours max, ended up taking about 15. I was sure I would hate it – but when I tried on the final product – I was fairly pleased. I can see the flaws, but I don’t think they are noticeable to anyone else. It is comfortable for the most part. And I did get quite a few compliments on it at the Bridal Show I wore it to today. So – what do you think?

Front view

Back view

I think I would like to try it again in a cotton sateen with a slighly raised waist and center front inverted pleating. Really do love the back though!


In past years, July has typically been one of the slower months of the year for me – as far as work goes. Spring and early summer weddings are done and gone, and fall weddings usually start to gear up for me by August. HA! Not this year! I swear – This July has been as busy if not busier, than June or even May! Partly because I seem to be getting more custom  orders (which is great!!!). But I really do seem to have more bridal alterations this July than ever before. Yesterday I was feeling more than overwhelmed. But today I feel much more caught up.

In the last week  this is what all I have done –

Finished all sewing on Pearls & Lace Gown,  Made flower girl dress (that was ordered back in April), alterations on 4 wedding gowns, 2 MOB’s, and 4 Bridesmaids. The next week will continue to be incredibly busy – by the end of July, this is what needs to be finished :  Drum major uniform (not my usual forte’, but I am happy to do it), 4 wedding gown alterations, finish construction on  1 MOB dress, and finish the draped beading on the Pearls & Lace gown. Not really a terribly lot to do. Easy peasy – right? Ha!! One of the wedding gown alterations is going to be the biggest challenge of my life. It is  a Matthew Christopher gown (I LOVE his gowns!!!) that came in about 2 sizes too big. Bad measuring. So – they are remaking the gown for the bride. So now the bride wants me to make this gown (that is too big) into a shorter version. It will be the challenge of my life. I will try to remember to take pics as I go, but it will be so intense working on it that I really can’t promise anything.

In the meantime – here is the flower girl dress I made over the weekend –

On a side note – the kittens are growing by leaps and bounds! Playing and jumping and stalking – but when I try  to feed them either canned cat food or moistened kitten chow – they only want to bury it. One will taste it  and eat a bit, but the other 3 want nothing to do with it. They are 5 1/2 weeks old now, and I thought that by this time they should be starting to eat a bit of solid food. Either way – they certainly are fat little babies!!

That’s all for now. Very late – time for bed.

Is it a robot on hyper-drive? It is a woman on speed? No – look again! It must be a woman with a mission!

I don’t know how it happend, or why. Maybe it was the fact that I quit early yesterday, at 5 instead of 9 or 10 p.m, to spend my anniversary with my husband. Maybe it was that glass of wine I enjoyed mid-week instead of the weekend! Maybe it was the scent of my lilac candle inspiring me with a breath of springtime. Whatever ‘it’ was, I want it everyday! I was a whirl wind today! I started out the day by vacuuming my downstairs, then cleaned up the kitchen. From there, I swept my front deck, then got in the car and ran to the pool store. After lugging in all the pool chemicals, and getting the pool pump going, I gathered my glasses, my drink, my phone, and headed upstairs to start my work day. By this time it was 10 a.m. By 1 p.m., I had 3 dresses hemmed and taken in! Dress #1

Dress # 2

By 2 p.m., I had another one done! I started on another dress that needed a hem, and a lace up back put in. Finished by 4!

 By 5 I had the bustling done on a wedding gown.

By 5:30 I had my sewing room cleaned up (WHAT!! Cleaned up! When was the last time I had time for that!) and headed downstairs to make supper – and by the way – I have no hand sewing to do tonight! Yes, you heard me right – I am taking another night off! I’m not sure I will know what to do with myself! I my even read a magazine! Then again, I may just crash. Even Super Sewer has to sleep!~

Finished and being delivered this week!

It turned out just beautifully. The rhinestones (hotfix) really added to it’s festive appeal; although, I took a bit of liberty in adding a few more than my client had originally asked for. It just looked a little bit too ‘rhinestone cowboy’ for me. Cindy will look beautiful in it, dancing with her handsome husband. I will post pics of her in it, as soon as she sends me some! For now, here it is on my “Molly”.

Front in foreground, back in the mirror view.

A closer view of the rhinestone embellishment.

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