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It has been a long cold dreary winter here in Georgia, as it has been in most of the USA this year. I have felt that it would never end. We would get a tease of warmer weather, then BAM! the cold came right back. And not only cold, but rain, and rain, and more rain. But, finally, last week, it was warm outside for more than 2 days in a row – with no rain! Even though I had dresses stacking up faster than I can work on them, I had to get outside. I dug out a pair of my husbands old jeans, and an old t – shirt, grabbed a clippers, rake and the wheelbarrow, and went to work. By the end of the day, I had some flowers brightening my back yard, flowers in my ‘welcome’ barrel, and ferns gracing my front deck.

Lavendar lantina in my wrought iron chicken

Geraniums potted on my back deck


Petunia's in a long flower box


A pretty mix in my "welcome' barrel


The next day it was back to the sewing room. Easter Sunday came and went, and this week the pollen arrived. For anyone who has never experienced spring in Georgia, let me tell you about the pollen. You will wake up one morning, noticing a slight greenish/yellow tinge to everything. And I do mean everything. From the moment you open your eyes and notice a strange discolored light coming in your windows, to the light to heavy dusting of the same greenish/yellow powder covering every single surface in your home, to the roads, sidewalks, cars, EVERYTHING!!!! If you don’t keep your car in a garage, you will have to hose it down before attempting to open the  car door. Now you will have a green water puddle running down your driveway, to mix with the green in the road. As you drive down the roads, you will see a strange greenish blurriness in the trees, and even drifting in the sky; clouds of this strange powder seem to just hang in the sky, or drift along on a breeze until  by some whim of nature  they fall to the ground. You may think your contacts are dirty, but no, it’s the  dreaded green haze. No, your windows are not dirty, either. It’s the dreaded green haze. When you arrive back home, you will inevitably find that your floors are covered in it. You will vacuum, dust, clean,  and scrub. But by the time you finish, you will have to start all over again. I will tell you now, and you must believe me – you cannot win. Just sit back, try to ignore it, try to get on with your life, try to breathe (you may want to get a gas mask to wear for the next few weeks), and tell yourself it’s only a sign that spring has arrived. Spring has arrived, spring has arrived . . .

And then it freezes again.


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