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Well, it doesn’t look like much yet; as a matter of fact, when my husband walked into my sewing room and saw it, he had some unpleasant words about it. I told him that it just a muslin at this point, and you must use your creative imagination. Take away the wrinkles, the seam allowances, replace the fabric you see with a lovely soft silky drapey  ivory silk charmuese, then over lay the skirt with a crisp white lace. Pearl and crystal beaded buttons at the pleats that sit low on the left side of the skirt.  A layer of stiff tulle under the slight mermaid skirt to dd a bit of poof. And cross the back of the back of the shoulders and hanging down the low back – a double row of pearls and crystals.

My inspiration for this gown came from a vintage cocktail dress I am altering for one of my brides.  similar in that it has a silk bodice and a lace skirt. But that is where the similarities end. I want to have it ready for a bridal show I am doing the first weekend in August. Tuesday I will run up to Gail K Fabrics and pick up the silk charmuese. I have the lace (a bolt I purchased on wholesale last year) and a lining (extra in the stash). I will see if they have any really special buttons, also. While I am there I will need to get fabric for a drum majorette outfit I m doing, also. 

What did I ever do with myself before I had this sewing business?


I finished up all the alterations I had lined up to do before I leave this Saturday on my vacation. So, yesterday I headed up to Gail K Fabrics, in Atlanta ( the only decent fabric store in the state – which is a very sorry case – being that this is ATLANTA PEOPLE!!! you would think we would have more than one decent fabric store!) Anyway, now that I am done with my rant – I was looking for fabric for a dress I will be making for my BFF’s sister. She is a cancer survivor and is having a celebration party in March for which she needs a new dress . I have made  her several dresses in the past, so it should go well with no problems. However, I was beginning to wonder if I would ever find the ‘right ‘ fabric. She wanted to match the fabric to a set of emerald jewelry that had been her mothers, and had been passed down. Well, emerald jewelry is not the same color as what I always thought it was~! I brought a piece of the jewelry along to help match. Good thing I did. It ended up being much more blue than I expected. I was invisioning a deep green – really green! Not. Also, the fabric needed to have some stretch to it, although not too much, as it will also serve as a ballroom dance outfit. So, I get to Gails, and it is crowded to the gills with students from the Savannah School of Arts (Atlanta campus). Now, if you’ve ever been to Gails, you know that it is basically standing room only, anyway. Picture it with 20-25 students running around looking for and pulling bolts of fabric all over the place. Imagine Project Runway on steriods. What should have taken only 1/2 hour to maybe 1hour (remember – this is Gails – you don’t just walk in and out) took almost 2 1/2! Although , to be honest, after I found the emerald green stretch charmuese, I was drawn to the bolts piled high on tables in the middle of the room that held such gorgeous chiffons and georgettes! I had been playing around in my head about just one more dress to take on the trip (which I leave for in 2 days!!!). First I chose a lovely print of blues, lavendars and greens. But there wasn’t near enough. Back to the drawing board. You can’t leave Gails with just one piece of fabric, after all. I hhhmmmed and I hhhwwwed, and finally asked some one elses opinion. It was down to between another blue and purple print, or a bright yellow and white. Now, I was torn, because blues and purples are my favorites. I never, and I mean never! wear yellow. But it was calling my name. The 2 people I asked opinions of convinced me to get the yellow. So today I got it cut out and partailly sewn. It will have a rusched waistband with tiny beaded flowerettes on it, as well as on the straps. Tomorrow it will go together fast. Which is good, because I still have more laundry to do as well as clean the house, start packing, take in a black strapless sundress I fpound at Target for $6, run to Etaines for an appoinment, and still find time to sit and watch Greys Anatomy.

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