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This past Mother’s Day I was not fortunate enough to be able to spend it with my children, who were either living in another state (son Derek in Wyoming going to school) or working (daughter Brittany, working in Atlanta,  and Sheena, also working in Atlanta). Being a beautiful, although cool day, my husband and I took off for the Renaissance Festival. Now, in the past when we have gone, we have always had the kids with us. It’s never been my favorite place to go. Having to watch the kids, spend tons of money, and dodge the people who are living in the past, would always leve me feeling tired and frustrated and sorry I went. But this time was different. It was just Buck and I, no children. The sun was shining, the crowds were pretty light, and I didn’t have to share my fried pickles! Buck thought I should get my hair braided, but there was no way I ws going to spend $50+ on braids! Besides the fact that I am 51 years old and it would just look silly, in my humble opinion! We watched the glass blowers, which I think is fascinating! We enjoyed the bagpipe entertainment, and of course, my husband received a big red kiss. All of which I enjoyed. But the frosting on the cake was when I walked into one of the many jewelry shops. Here I found my ‘anniversary’ gift. You may recall, that I posted last week about celebrating our 32nd wedding anniversary. We are past the point where we still give gifts to each other. Secure in our love for each other, gifts are really just money spent on stuff we don’t really need. But occasionally, when we are out together, Buck will encourage me to purchase an item that I fall in love with, and we will consider it an anniversary gift. Works for me! When my eyes fell on this gorgeous piece, I tried to resist. I even tried to find another piece that wasn’t as expensive. Didn’t work. So, once again, Buck talked me into purchasing it. It is unique, a statement piece, and so beautiful! So Happy Anniversary to me!

Amethyst pendant/pin


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