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 My husband is a pilot. He flys his bright red Christen Eagle, along with his partner, in airshows around the nation. 

Last week he was in Florida for the first big show of the season, Sun-n-Fun.  He had gone down last Wednesday, and really, by Sunday he was anxious to be home again. He and his partner flew their routine mid afternoon, and were hoping to be able to refuel and head for home as soon as possible after they finished. But, he had some trouble with the canopy on his plane, and even broke his finger trying to fix it! He knew at this point he wouldn’t get out before the ThunderBirds flew, and that would set the departure time back quite a bit for him. So, with his broken finger throbbing, the canopy giving him trouble, and not being able to get out of there on his own timetable, he went stomping off to the VIP tent to find some ice for his finger. As he walked by all the spectators lined up against the front line fence, he saw a little girl wave him over. Never one to ignore his fans, he walked over to her. She pointed to the US Army pin he had on his hat, and asked him, “Are you a soldier?” He told her that, no, he is not a soldier, but his son, Derek, is, and that Derek will be leaving for Afghanistan in the fall.  She held out her small hand and gave him a shiny gold coin. She asked him to please give it to Derek and to tell him that someone he doesn’t know loves him and is praying for him to be safe. The gold coin had a stick drawing on one side of a little girl holding a flag, with her name and the words, ‘I Salute You’ on one side. On the other side, the words, ‘Thankyou for being my soldier’. The little girl reached out to shake his hand, then stood back and saluted him.  As he continued on his way to the VIP tent, he struggled to hold back the tears. And when he got there, he found a quiet corner where he didn’t hold them back. One small child had helped him to prioritize his life, and remember what is really important.  Our government may be screwed up, our education system may be in need of a make-over, and in this great country we live in, we have our share of overwhelming problems that may or may not get solved in our lifetimes. But as long as we have children who care,as this little girl does, and soldiers who are willing to die for us and our freedoms, we will be ok. Because America isn’t about the government. It isn’t about the technologies or the organizations that make us up. When you get right down to it, it is about the people.  I pray that we will all raise our children to be as caring as this little girl.




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