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 . . . I didn’t have to fire her – she quit. I think. She hasn’t been showing up much recently, and when she does it’s only  to sprawl in places that are very inconvenient to me (ironing board, on my sewing table, my lap . . .). I guess she has better and more important things to do. You see, she found herself  boyfriend. I haven’t actually met him, but the proof is in the pudding, as they say. She started gaining weight a few weeks ago. Then she started hanging around the house more. She had been staying outside most of the day, now she goes out for an hour in the morning and that’s it. She’s become extremely affectionate, also. So, by my calculations, we should have some new members to our family in 2-3 weeks. Her box is ready, and even though this wasn’t planned, I can’t exactly be surprised, either. So, for the next little while, my lazy assistant will continue to spend her days lounging in the sun


 napping on my ironing board,


 and begging for belly rubs.

I’ll keep you posted.


When I first took her on, she came in so enthusiastic. Ready to help in any way she could – or even couldn’t. Never afraid to jump right in and lend a helping hand.  She became quite efficient at certain things, such as ripping, removing pins, re-arranging pattern pieces on fabric, and especially – emptying the trash can. Always full of energy, always available, and eternally cute. Seriously cute. And one must never under estimate the value of cute in a working environment.

However . . . times have changed. My cute assistant is still cute. Not so full of energy these days. Not so helpful. Not so willing to go out of her way  to be useful. Don’t get me wrong – she is still quite good at the things she does well. She just chooses not to do – well, anything. She may wander in after the day is half gone, then takes up space sleeping! Yes, she actually has the gall to fall asleep! And not just to fall asleep, but to fall asleep in a most inappropriate place. 

Asleep on the job - on the ironing board!


I do believe I will keep her around, though. After all, there is something to be said for cute. Seriously cute.

Emma Grace

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