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I may not get much posting done for the next couple months.  For, along with spring (finally, er  …. kindof) comes bridal season. I knew it was coming, as it always does. With new alterations clients everyday; sometimes just one, sometimes up to 4 or 5. Mostly brides, but also bridesmiads, mother of the brides, and grooms, grandmothers, and of course the flower girls. Then there are the prom girls. They are fairly short- lived, though, and mostly last minute. I will soon be stacking bagged dresses on the bed in the spare room. I only have so much storage space in my bathtub. Yes, I store dresses to be worked on in the bathtub of the bathroom attached to my sewing room. It keeps them out of the way, yet close by and easy to get to. I also hang them from the heavy duty curtain rods,  door frames,  and my dining room china cabinet. Last year, at the peak of the season, I had 34 dresses stacked in various places all over the house. Fortunately, this year I am in a bigger, better sewing room ( I took over my daughters bedroom when she left for school in June). But isn’t it strange, that no matter how much space you have, you always need more!  So, right now I have 3 prom dresses, 2 bridesmaid, one MOB, and probably 12 wedding dresses. And 2 veils. And I have atleast 5 new ones this next week. So, as you can see, it has begun.


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