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My sewing marathon continues. It’s been atleast a dress a day now for about a week and a half. Some times 2 a day if I’m lucky. Wake up at 7:00 a.m., eat a yogurt, check my e-mails, get dresses & make the bed. Feed the dogs & cat. Then it’s upstairs. I have had several days where I had to run to Etains for appointments, and that really cuts into my sewing hours! Had to run to Joannes for supplies on Thursday. But I am still managing to get about 10 hours of sewing in a day. I stay in the sewing room til it’s time to come down and get something thrown out for supper.  Then I do my hand sewing downstairs while watching TV. By this time of day the dogs are very lonely for my presence, and my husband is usually home in the evenings, also. By about 10-11 p.m, i start seeing cross-eyed and I know it’s time to quit. But each night it’s getting harder and harder to sleep! I find myself tossing and turning, thinking of my to do list of alterations,as well as a couple of construction projects I have coming up. Then my head opens up and I start designing gowns in my head. And then EmmaGrace comes and curls up around my head and starts purring in my ear. Or my husband starts to snore. I should probably just get up at this point and go upstairs and get to work, but it’s so nice to lay in a warm bed and relax, even if I don’t sleep. So, tomorrow I have several appointments in the morning and several more in the afternoon, so I probably won’t get a lot of sewing done. I will have to make up for it on Sunday.  Sorry this has been such  a boring blog. My life this month – well, it is what it is!


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