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I’ve been sewing non-stop for months now for everybody else. Bridal gowns and bridesmaids and Mother of the brides and formals and even mens golf shirts. I’m all caught up til next week. So tomorrow it’s all about me. I have so many garments I want to sew for  myself! One of which is a gorgeous vintage jacket. But – alas; in 3 1/2 weeks I will be laying on the warm beaches of Roatan, Hondurus, and I must have some warm weather itmes. I will have to go through my stash to see what is available. I have patterns aplenty, but if I  know me ( and I think I do) which ever pattern I choose will have to be tweeked. I can’t seem to leave anything alone. I saw some beautiful yellow print silk @ Gorgeous Fabrics last night. But I would have to wait, and I can’t do that! Must sew now! I know I have some beige linen that would make some great beach pants. And I have a piece of pink and white print chiffon that would make a lovely dress. We will see . .  .


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