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Here we go. I was hoping it would wait til I return from my (YEH!!! Can’t wait!!) trip!! which I leave for in (YEH!!!) 6 days!!! But alas . . .it has begun. My busy season. I have gone from  having 3-6 bridal or formal wear alterations in a whole month (yes, I was eating cat food for  a while there) to having a full rack of dresses with more on the way. I am trying to get them done as fast as I get them, because, as I know from past experience, they start to stack up very quickly. Last year I had (at my peak) 27 bridal gowns stacked on the double bed in our spare room, and another 12 hanging from the rack in my sewing studio. Currently I have 6 bridal gowns hanging on the rack, 2 bridesmaids, one prom, and 2 MOB’s. I am still hoping to have time to sew atleast one more item for myself before I leave on Saturday.

I’m intrigued with a new project – silk painting. I simply woke up in the middle of the night a couple nights ago, and there it was. I had a picture in my mind of exactly what I want. Its a white silk sundress, fitted bodice with a straight to a-line skirt (short) and it has several large brightly painted flowers onthe skirt, and some smaller painting on the bodice. Research was a bit frustrating. Are there no places to purchase the needed supplies locally? I don’t want to wait to get them in the mail! It’s a project I want to start on NOW! Ideally, on Tuesday – so I can have it to wear on my vaca(YEH!!!) to Roatan (Honduras) this Saturday (YEH!!!) Why do you think I am rushing these bridal gowns out of here? And it’s not like I have all day to look for supplies! Some people have to work for a living!


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