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I believe I forgot to post my new dresses after I¬† made them a while back! I made them to bring with to Roatan – which I did; but everything was so casual down there that I didn’t have an opportunity to wear them! So here they hang in my closet, waiting, like Cinderella for a special date. I love both of them, but as exciting as my life isn’t, I may never have a place to wear them ūüė¶¬†

First, the yellow sunshiny chiffon, lined with an ivory bemburg.¬† I used V8381, size 10. Fit’s perfectly, with no alterations. I added a rusched waist panel with some little chiffon flowerettes scattered on it.

The little flowerettes each have a line of beading on them, which you can kind of see . . .

Next is my favorite, the pink butterfly chiffon. I used V2965 and shortened the length to just above the knee; again size 10 (perfect fit!!)

I love the lines of this dress; which you can’t really see in the photo. But what I really love – is the back!I love open and or low backs on dresses. They can be sexy without being revealing. Now, I may not be able to wear a bra with this. But – I did put in bra inserts, so I don’t have to!

This dress is made of a butterfly print georgette fabric, lined with a light pink batiste. Very lightweight and summery.

This week I am getting caught up on bridal alterations, making a cropped bolero for a prom dress, and starting on one of the wedding dresses I sold on Etsy. Finally got the fabric for the wedding dress in (ivory chiffon and ivory bemburg lining),¬†as well as a pile of patterns I ordered. I will have to post about my new patterns tomorrow. I don’t know when I will get a chance to sew them , but I have them -and that’s what counts right? Who ever dies with the most patterns – wins!


I have been awfully busy since I returned from my awesome incredible wonderful trip! Which is why I haven’t been blogging much (at all) since. But, I am back, with a bit of detail on what I have been working on. ¬†

First, I had a couple alterations to finish up. The lovely bride wanted¬†me to reduce the fullness as well as the length of the train on her¬†Pronovias¬†gown. The straps also needed adjusting. I had to remove the lace overlay form where it is attached just below the hip in back. Then I took off 18 inches from the satin train underneath. I also took it in at the sides 6 inches at the bottom, tapering up to the hip. Before re-attaching the lace over-lay,I had to remove the lace trim at the bottom; take out 10 inches off of each side (to reduce the width), and remove a good 15 inches of the length. Then I re-attached it to the dress before hand-sewing the lace trim back on. Not a task done easily or quickly. I was up til 3 a.m. Saturday morning. Now, seeing it on my poor Molly, I see that I need to re-do the strap across the back of the bodice, where I had to remove then replace it to adjust the straps. I am sorry I don’t have any before pictures, but as you can see from the after pictures, there is still a lot of dress here. I hope it’s not still too much for this bride. I will find out on Thursday.¬†

Full Length of back

area that was altered

I also put 2 bustles in it. I used a French bustle for the satin underskirt, and a traditional bustle to hold the lace over-lay up. 


On Thursday, I decided I really needed to get started on my friend, Cindy’s dress. Cindy is a breast cancer survivor, who loves to dance! I have made dresses for her in the past, so when she again asked for my assistance, I readily agreed. This time, she had chosen a Vogue pattern –¬†

V1031- the shorter view

– to be made in an emerald¬†green stretch satin. I had actually made this same dress for her before, in a pink charmuese. And, as before, I had just one problem with this pattern. Notice how the back of the dress doesn’t lay against the body, but seems to create a bubble but?¬†


So, I took out the curved seam from about 2/3 of the way up, to the bottom. I pulled the back in about 1/2 inch at the area that was giving me the most trouble. However, I also noticed that the pleats were just not laying down, either in the front or the back. So, I thought I would tack them down about an inch or so out from the seam. I have done this on wedding gowns with wonderful results. 

Tacking down of pleats

I was not happy with these results, though. You can see every tiny stitch, even though I thought I was being very careful to stitch them invisibly. 

So I took them out.    Much better. Tonight I will do a very small bit of hand sewing on the straps. That will finish the construction. She also asked me to add some rhinestone embellishment to the curve int the side. So as soon I recieve my crystals in the mail, I can get it finished. 

So, that is what I have been busy doing this week! 

Many more alterations to get busy on, now. Bridal season has begun!

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